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WolfStrike Appointed Exclusive Castles EFTPOS Distributor

WolfStrike is pleased to announce our appointment as the exclusive distributor for the Castles Technology Co Ltd.’s range of EFTPOS and contactless terminals in New Zealand. Castles Technology is one of the largest manufacturers of EFTPOS terminals in the world being listed at number 7 by The Nilson Report 2011. With orders in hand and business opportunities increasing, Castles expects to increase its ranking over the next few years.

Castles has been working with WolfStrike to develop and certify the Castles range of hardware to meet the Paymark V6.1 Spec which has now been completed and is in pilot ready to go to market in 2014. Their product range includes the latest PCI 3 certifications, and the products are both one piece and 2 piece configurations.

Included in the range are GPRS (both 2G and 3G), broadband, Wi-Fi and landline options all with built in contactless readers.

WolfStrike will be the exclusive distributor of the Castles products and will be focusing on the sales of the terminals via the WolfStrike reseller channels. Combined with the current POS offerings, both hardware and software, WolfStrike can now offer a fully integrated end to end system with POS, EFTPOS and hardware all combined.

Further, by utilising the finance facilities of WolfStrike Rental Services Limited the reseller can provide their customers with a full range of products and services all under one umbrella.

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